WWE News: Booker T says he would have given Brock Lesnar a harsher punishment for failed drug test


The heart of the matter

Booker mentioned that Lesnar failing two tests was a huge issue and reprimanding him just $250,000 and a one year ban was not harsh enough.

On his online podcast, Heated ConversationsBooker said that he would have made Lesnar share half of his match fee with Mark Hunt, as well as a suspension for Lesnar. Booker T wanted to make sure that the other fighters in the promotion would not be frustrated with the lack of punishment for a big star like Lesnar.

What’s next?

Lesnar continues to be a star attraction in the WWE and is capable of selling out arenas on his own. He currently holds one of the most lucrative contracts in the WWE and is one of the richest WWE Superstars.

He will continue to reign supreme as The Beast Incarnate despite the suspension imposed on him by the UFC. However, his career inside the Octagon may be all but over.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Lesnar has often made it clear that he is a businessman. He does not care about the fans and most certainly, does not care about what anyone else in the locker room thinks of him. Brock Lesnar is too big of a name to be ruffled by what Booker T says.

He will go on his merry way of destroying opponents and making sweet paychecks. Moreover, Lesnar has bigger things to worry about – an individual known as Goldberg.

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