5 reasons why WWE should continue with Roman Reigns as a babyface

Fans want Roman Reigns to turn heel, Vince loves him as a babyface. Here’s why Vince is right.
Roman Reigns, the face, is here to stay

Roman Reigns, the face, is here to stay

There’s nobody in the WWE today that receives more criticism, more hate or abuse than Roman Reigns does.

Despite all of that, Joe Anoa’i is here to be a mainstay in the WWE for years to come. Vince McMahon and his subordinates will always do what they feel is ‘best for business‘ and that includes who they deem fit to be the company’s top babyface.

Roman Reigns is the chosen one of this generation, and he’s been chosen to be the babyface.

Many fans cry and pull tantrums over the fact that the WWE has chosen one of their own to be the top guy, over more ‘respected’ Indy guys. They dub him as a John Cena 2.0, but the Samoan is completely different to the 15-time World Champion.

Just like Cena, the fans want Reigns to turn heel so they can cheer him, but like Vince I look at the long-term future of the business and see Reigns as a successful babyface.

Here are 5 reasons why the WWE should continue to push Roman Reigns as a babyface.

Credits: sportskeeda.com

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